Authorised Treatment Facility

Scrap cars and written-off vehicles

Vehicles that have reached the end of their usefulness must be scrapped at an authorised treatment facility (ATF). This is usually free.

If your vehicle has been damaged and written-off by your insurance company, they’ll usually dispose of it for you.

If you’re taking parts to repair or restore another vehicle, you’ll have to make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Declaration) or keep taxing it until you take it to an ATF.

ATFs are allowed to charge for handling and disposing of vehicles that are missing essential parts, eg the engine, gearbox, bodywork or wheels.

You must scrap your car at an authorised treatment facility (ATF). It can then be handled and dismantled in an environmentally friendly way.

Certificate of Destruction

The ATF will give you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) within 7 days if they agree to scrap your:

carlight van

3-wheeled motor vehicle (but not a motor tricycle)

If you want to scrap any other type of vehicle you can still take it to an ATF, but you won’t get a CoD.

A CoD is proof that you’ve handed over the vehicle for scrap.

You could still be liable for traffic offence penalties or vehicle tax if you don’t have a CoD when your vehicle’s scrapped.

Tell the DVLA

The ATF will tell DVLA your vehicle has been scrapped.

You’ll need to fill in section 9 (‘Notification of sale or transfer’) of your V5C registration certificate and send it to DVLA.

You should get a letter from the DVLA saying you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle. Call them if you haven’t received this within 4 weeks.

Telephone: 0300 790 6802
Textphone: 0300 123 1279

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