SEPTEMBER Metal Prices

Yet again theres been further drops in metal prices, it’s now the lowest in 6 years since the last crash in 2008/2009. 

Slowing economic growth in China is the biggest contribution for the fall in demand and its not looking to increase anytime soon!

Prices now are as low as £30 Per Tonne for light Iron.

Lowest being around £30 Per Tonne and the highest being around £50 Per Tonne.


JULY Metal Prices

July 15 Metal prices are significantly lower than any period within the past 6 years. Prices on average are £60 Per Tonne for light Iron. Lowest being around £40 Per Tonne and the highest being around £80 Per Tonne.

Don’t believe anyone who says your ELV (end of life vehicle) isn’t worth a penny – every ELV is worth something, even if it is only the scrap value.

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At Neptune Car Spares we have been recycling and scrapping our customers’ unwanted cars for over 37 years, making us experts in what we do.

Registered with the Environment Agency and Licensed with Wirral Borough Council. We are a DVLA Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF).

Our experience in scrapping cars allows us to supply our customers with all the car parts that they require.

Why would you scrap your car:

•Worn out vehicles •Car value dropping •Unable to sell car

•Unused cars •Insurance write-offs •MOT failures

We buy any vehicles all ages, and can come and collect within the hour.

Certificates of Destruction:

A requirement of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) regulations is that the last holder of any vehicle depolluted/dismantled is issued with a Certificate of Destruction.

A certificate of Destruction can only be issued by an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF).

We are a fully licenced (ATF).

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